Legon Cities board chair celebrates birthday with football gala and developmental projects

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Legon Cities Board Chairman Richard K. Atikpo celebrated his birthday last Sunday, 17th of July with a special football gala competition in the Jasikan District of the Oti Region.

Hundreds of youth from various communities in the Region took part in the two-day event to promote the sporting prowess and social cohesion of the people

Atikpo who also doubles up as the Council of State Member for the Region used the occasion to drive home the relevance of sports and its impact in the Region. For him, the region is abound with talent which has to be nurtured for the regional and national good.

Hon. Atikpo promised the people that the football gala will be an annual event with plans to extend it to every corner of the region.

Prizes were awarded to participating teams and eventual winner.

As part of the celebrations, 400 deprived people in the Guan and Jasikan Districts were registered onto the National Health Insurance Scheme.

Hon. Atikpo is also through his own resources providing Likpe Alavanyo, a deprived community in the in the Guan District, a merchanised borehole; and is also embarking on a project to construct, and renovate some identified dilapidated educational infrastructure in the Oti region.


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