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Lebanese arrested for firing warning shots ward off suspected criminals

A Lebanese businessman who allegedly fired warning shots Thursday night to ward off some people who trailed him to his shop at Osu in Accra has been arrested by the Police.

The Police in Osu have declined to give details of man and the incident which took place along the Oxford Street at about 7:00pm.

Relative of the Lebanese, who also did not want to speak to TV3 on camera, said his brother realized he was being trailed while driving to his jewellery shop at Osu, Morgan Touch Jewellery.

Sensing danger, the businessman was said to have then fired the warning shots when he reached his shop, something that scared the people trailing him away, he told TV3.

At the time the warning shots were fired, most shops in the area had closed leaving only their private security men around.

The gunshots however, were said to have attracted residents and night revelers who came to the scene and attempted to pounce on the Lebanese businessman.

Some of the people attracted to the scene of the incident

But the police arrived at the scene moments later to pick the businessman to the Osu Police Station.

At the station, the crime officer who declined to give his name and details on the matter said the case was under investigation.

At about 9:00 pm Thursday, some relatives of the Lebanese business man were still at the police station to secure his release.

By Richard Bright Addo||Ghana

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