Leadership Diary Training Program graduates 75 youth

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The Deputy Regional Director of Africa Leadership Development, Mr. Victor Addom has charged the youth to be steadfast in learning and work very hard in order to excel in life and be good leaders in the future.
“I challenge all of you to learn and work very hard; no laziness!… if you want to become committed, effective, selfless and dedicated leaders in Ghana and Africa” he stressed.
He made the remark at the closing ceremony of the 4th Annual Leadership Diary Training Program (LDTP) on the theme: “Becoming a generational thinker” which took place at the GNAT Hall in Accra on Saturday, July 16 2016.
The Leadership Diary Training Program is a brainchild of Youth Arise Organization, a Ghanaian-based NGO instituted four years ago which seeks to educate, motivate and empower the youth to become leaders in every sphere of life.
About seventy-five (75) young people were trained and awarded certificates under this year’s program after successfully undergone seven weeks intensive training in Personal Development & Mentoring Session, Leadership Development Session, Entrepreneurial & Financial Literacy Session and Community Services Educational trips among other which forms modules of the LTDP.
Youth trainingDelivering his keynote address, Deputy Regional Director of Africa Leadership Development, Victor Addom noted the bane of Ghana for that matter Africa is lack of leadership.
He therefore conscientized the youth to be guided by the principles of good character, and competency, which according to him should be the yardstick  for everyone desirous of becoming committed, effective, selfless and dedicated leader in Africa.
“Africa needs leadership, Ghana needs leadership. If we can get a new crop of leaders in this continent, Africa will shine” he emphasized.
President of Youth Arise Organization, Moses Baffour Awuah in an interview explained the program is uniquely designed to deal with every area of the young person’s life as far as leadership is concerned.
Youth Arise Organization (YAO) is a body of young professionals committed to the principles and values of mentoring, education and policy oriented networking with the aim of empowering the young people to be selfless, effective and dedicated leaders.
Since its inception in 2012 and officially launched in 2014, it has trained about 500-1000 young people under different youth training programs modules which has benefited many youth in the country tremendously.
Source: Joseph Kobla Wemakor

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