Lawyer Maurice Ampaw chides Owusu Bempah over failure to prophesy location of missing girls

Private legal practitioner Maurice Ampaw has described prophets in Ghana as attention seekers instead of seeking to edify Christians. Speaking on Connect FM’s Omanbapa morning show on Tuesday, Mr Ampaw said he does not understand why prophets in the country will readily make known death prophecies but are quiet on the location of kidnapped girls. He was reacting to statements made by the founder of Glorious Word and Power Ministry, Prophet Owusu Bempah, that he knows where the three Takoradi missing girls are and can only reveal that if he is compelled by the President to do so. Lawyer Ampaw expressed disgust about this to Connect FM’s Omanbapa morning show host Paa Kwesi Simpson. “Do you know those I am bitter about in this country? It is the prophets in this country. All that they like is death. Where is Owusu Bempah? Where is Prophet Obinim, where is Opambour?” he asked. When show host Paa Kwesi Simpson asked if he had not heard what Prophet Owusu Bempah had said about the missing girls, he burst into laughter. “You a prophet want President Nana Addo to come and beg you before, is this right? If it had been death, you would have said it quickly. “With death prophecies you say it quickly but with locating the missing girls, you are bringing conditionalities. “You don’t need the president to tell you that the girls are people’s children as a man of God, God has revealed it to you, but with death prophecies, you came to say it.” “That is why I am bitter. Owusu Bempah is my friend but I don’t agree with him on this one. With death you came to say that A, B, C is going to die, Chief Imam is going to die but with the kidnap of someone’s child, it’s the president you want to speak to. This has made me realize that all the prophets in Ghana do not have the people at heart. They are just attention seekers.” Lawyer Maurice Ampaw who appeared incensed about the issue continued: “There is a prophecy for every season. When Christmas is coming, there are prophecies, when Easter is coming, there are prophecies, so why don’t they tell us that the girls are in, for example, Togo?” Lawyer Maurice Ampaw says he is amused because “is the President the God of Owusu Bempah? Is he the one he worships? Please ask him to go and read Article 41 of the constitution which states that it is the duty of every citizen to support the law enforcement agencies to expose and combat crime. This applies to every citizen but he has a higher duty as a man of God.”

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By Shirley Ewurama Smith||Ghana]]>