Law school entrance exams scripts to be remarked?

Scripts of the 2019 Entrance Examinations of the Ghana School of Law will be remarked, has gathered. This comes after Parliament completed an investigation into a petition brought before it by the students who sat the exams. The failure rate in the exams has been alarming with the 2019 edition recording one of the worst rates. Out of 1,820 LLB graduates who wrote the exams in July, only 128 passed for the professional law course. This generated agitations among students, who staged demonstrations to demand fairness. According to them, the General Legal Council (GLC), which supervises the exams, forces all candidates sign an undertaking not to seek remarking after the results are published. By the undertaking, the candidates write the exams with the rights to demand re-marking of their examination scripts waived. They sued GLC for this and presented petitions to key state institutions including Parliament. It was on one of such journeys to present a similar petition to the presidency that they were sprayed with tear gas by the police. The demonstrating students sought refuge at the Canadian High Commission in Accra and presented their petition to the ambassador. On Wednesday, February 5, the legislative body approved the re-marking of the scripts, among other recommendations. Source:|Ghana]]>

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