Lands C’ssion sued for demolishing building for Nat’l Cathedral

The Lands Commission has been served a writ of summons from the Accra High Court concerning the demolition in 2018 of a two-storey building complex in Accra.

The compulsory possession and demolition by the Commission was to make way for the National Cathedral of Ghana, a project that has stirred controversy since its commencement.

According to the writ of summons, filed by Waterstone Realty Limited, the Lands Commission has failed to meet the agreement for the possession and demolition of the building complex.

The agreement was reached as the Commission made way for the National Cathedral to be built.

A number of buildings including residences for judges and the OLd Passport Office was also demolished in time for the project.

But economic conditions has seen compensation for owners of some of the demolished buildings not met.

The project has since stalled.

The suit is seeking an order from the Court to direct the plaintiff to pay a sum of $4.721 million being the market value of the building at the time of demolition.

It also wants the Court to direct the Commission to pay the owners $995,508.52 as the difference between established market value of the property and actual value.

The suit, which was filed on Wednesday, November 9, also demands about $54,000 as loss of rent and all interest supposed to have been accrued on the values since June 1, 2018.


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