La Nkwantanang-Madina Assembly to use sawdust to end indiscriminate jaywalking

The La Nkwantanang-Madina Assembly has vowed vehemently to end indiscriminate jaywalking along the Adentan-Madina highway as well as to help end the incessant pedestrian knockdowns at Zongo junction.

The assembly has thus adopted an advanced strategy to control and compel pedestrians to use the footbridges in order to allow free traffic flow in the area.

Among the strategies the assembly has adopted include the positioning of police personnel and taskforce at vantage points to prevent people from adamantly crossing the road irrespective of the public sensitization and warning signs.

Petty traders who used to sell along the highway have been ousted while the assembly has commenced fencing the middle lanes with wire mesh to prohibit people from crossing the road even in the absence of the police.

The assembly has additionally created lawns along the highway to give Madina a facelift.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for La Nkwantanang-Madina Assembly, Jennifer Dede Adjabeng in an interview with Onua FM revealed that the assembly is yet to introduce the use of sawdust to protect the medium lanes of the highway to ward off people from jaywalking.

She is optimistic that the sawdust approach would help in strengthening the assembly’s measures to compel people to use the footbridges because it has been successfully practiced in Europe.

“My research has proved that some countries in Europe have used the sawdust approached and it was successful so we are going to experiment same here and see how it will work in our case”

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However, Mrs. Dede Adjabeng has indicated that the fencing and creation of lawns along the Adentan-Madina highway forms part of the ‘making Accra work again’ agenda initiated by the Greater Accra regional minister.

She has said that the assembly would not relent in its effort to end pedestrian knockdowns in Madina and has reiterated the assembly’s commitment to make Madina work and become a business hub where investors would love to do business.

The MCE who is hopeful to be reappointed by President Akufo Addo has explained that she spends hours in the morning by joining the taskforce personnel’s and the police to ensure that pedestrians are directed to use the footbridges.

She has thus cautioned the general public to use the footbridges to avoid been subjected to corporal punishment by the police to serve as a deterrent.

By Maxwell Otoo Onua FM/