Kylie Jenner reveals name of her baby

Kylie Jenner has announced the name of her newborn daughter – Stormi. The reality star took to Instagram to share the news with her 103 million followers. The 20-year-old kept her pregnancy “hidden” but on Monday returned with a 12-minute video and announced she’d given birth on 1 February. Kylie’s picture has been liked over 11 million times in just a few hours – making it one of Instagram’s most popular posts ever. It shows an out of focus Stormi holding Kylie’s finger and has surpassed the number of likes achieved by both Beyonce and Cristiano Ronaldo in 2017 for similar posts featuring their children.

stormi webster ??

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Since the announcement of baby Stormi’s arrival fans had been speculating what Kylie and Travis Scott’s child would be called. One of the most popular theories was that she’d be called Mariposa, Spanish for “butterfly”. But with the Tuesday night announcement that theory came crashing down, hard. Nonetheless, people have a lot of thoughts regarding the newest Kardashian-Jenner’s name and haven’t been shy in sharing them. Combining the youngest generation of Kardashian names has been a fun game for some people.
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While there have also been other creative uses of Stormi. The baby’s name was shared just a few days after Kylie – who has just been revealed as the richest of the Kardashian siblings – unveiled a video documenting her entire pregnancy. The star pretty much disappeared from social media for months, fuelling speculation that she was pregnant with boyfriend Travis’s baby. But on Monday she returned with a 12-minute YouTube video titled To Our Daughter, filled with the type of selfies fans had grown used to seeing on Instagram, as well as footage of her baby shower and a first look at Kim and Kanye West’s baby Chicago. That video has gained over 40 million views in three days. Source: BBC]]>