Kwesimintsim MP commits to completing major projects in constituency


Member of Parliament for Kwesimintsim Constituency in the Western Region Prince Hamid Armah has offered his fervent commitment to see to it that nothing inhibits the construction of projects under the Ghana Secondary Cities Support Programme, particularly an 850-meter long storm drain which is to address the perennial flooding in parts of his constituency.

His commitment comes on the heels of a groundbreaking ceremony performed to pave the way for the commencement of work on various projects under the Ghana Secondary Cities Support Programme.

Under the project, Kwesimintsim will see two separate storm drains and an ultramodern intra-city terminal.

For hundreds of property owners along the Anaji Choice Mart, I Adu to Apremdo traffic light line, the announcement that an 850-meter long storm drain will be constructed is a welcoming one.

They are happy because should all go as planned, the annual ritual where hundreds of their properties get severed or lost due to flooding will cease.

Dr. Prince Hamid Armah is obviously too familiar with the news of the devastating effects of these annual floods and is motivated to see an end to them.

“It is heartbreaking to hear how people lose properties that they have spent all their lives to acquire. As an educationist, I’m particularly disturbed when schools have to close because of the impact.”

He explained how over the years he has been in constant communication with government on a programme to help solve flooding in Kwesimintsim.

“Therefore, I am very happy that the construction of a storm drain has been captured under the Ghana Secondary Cities Support Programme. And as you heard the Minister for Local Government say, funding has been secured.

“What I have to do and will be committed to is to ensure that nothing inhibits the project. Because this project will be a glorious opportunity to end flooding at Choice Mart, I Adu and the rest.”

Under the Ghana Secondary Cities Support Programme, Kwesimintsim will see the construction of an 850-meter storm drain, stretching from the Anaji Choice Mart to I Adu.

Additionally, the Kwesimintsim Taxi and Trotro rank will undergo a transformation into an ultramodern two-storey complex and will feature 57 lockable shops with offices as well as the paving of the open space for Taxi and Trotro drivers.

Furthermore, another 150-meter storm drain and a box culvert will be added to connect the initial 500-meter storm drain constructed around the Kwesimintsim Titanic area to the 850-meter storm drain at I Adu.

“These projects will effectively address the perennial flooding problems which have led to the incalculable losses and provide a more befitting environment for taxi and Trotro drivers, as well as the passengers and traders who utilize the Kwesimintsim Taxi and Trotro rank,” an excited Dr. Prince Armah told Connect FM in Takoradi.

By Eric Yaw Adjei


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