Kwaw Kese wants politicians to die over poor healthcare systems

Kwaw Kesse[/caption] Rapper Kwaw Kese has taken a swipe at politicians for neglecting Ghana’s healthcare sector to the extent that most facilities are in a poor state. The rapper, who released a video on Tuesday, lamented how politicians spend resources on campaigns, among other things that are not beneficial to the ordinary Ghanaian. “Is it not foolishness that the whole country has only 55 ambulances with some not functioning properly but a political party has purchased 275 buses for a party?” the Abodam man wondered. According to the rapper, many hospitals all over the country has been left to rot with deplorable facilities to cater for the sick. “Even the prison looks better than the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital! People are lying on the floor at hospitals all over the country,” he lamented. A visibly angry Kwaw Kese lashed out at political leaders in the country for neglecting the country’s healthcare system. “God should continue punishing Ghana, may the leaders of Ghana begin to die one after the other,” Kwaw Kese cursed. Although the reason for his outburst in the video circulating on social media was not stated, many believe it comes on the back of the death of the rapper’s new born baby at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. Kwaw Kese’s wife delivered a baby boy at a private hospital in Accra on Thursday, June 28, 2018 and was later transferred to the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital following some complications. The rapper’s new born son reportedly died the following day. The ‘Abodam’ hitmaker’s complaints also come in the wake of the no-bed syndrome at most hospitals across the country. Patients are turned away for the lack of beds to treat them with this syndrom. Although government through the Ministry of Health has given an assurance that the issue will be solved, the problem still persists.

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By Irene Amesimeku||Ghana  ]]>