Kwabena Kwabena accused of stealing 'Tokro abodwes3’

Upcoming rapper, King Bible[/caption] Celebrated highlife musician, Kwabena Kwabena has been accused by an upcoming rapper, King Bible of stealing his term “Tokro abodwes3’’, a hook Kwabena Kwabena employed in his latest love song, “Tokro”. Read:[Video] Kwabena Kwabena back with another ‘adult’ music King Bible who released his version of ‘Tokro abodwes3’ in 2014, expressed disappointment in the senior musician for not seeking approval from him. “And let me say he is a legend in the music industry and I wasn’t expecting that from him. When he saw that thing, he should have contacted me or something so that we negotiate things”, he said. Though King Bible claims ownership of the term, he admits he has not registered the term but wants the public “to bear witness with me, somewhere 2014 I dropped a single ‘Tokro abodwes3’ and it was played on Hitz TV, the thing [the term] is for me, direct”, he told TV3’s Owusu Worae. “If you go to Youtube, the date is there” he insisted. According to the up-coming rapper, he crafted the controversial term to play on the minds of his listeners and get attention to his work. It is thus the expectation of the upcoming rapper that Kwabena Kwabena will reach out to him so they sort things out behind the scenes. “What I am expecting from him is just to come for us to sit down and sort things secretly”, he said Reacting to the allegations, Kwabena Kwabena’s manager, Prince Nana Boakye popular known as  Papa Loggy denied knowledge of the claims, describing King Bible as an attention seeker. Papa Loggy described Kwabena Kwabena as a highly creative and versatile musician with indisputable credibility and song writing abilities. Even though there are no striking similarities between the two songs; different songs with different rhythm, both songs share and ride on same hook ”Tokro abodwes3”.

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