Kwabena Donkor launches ‘brutal’ response to World Bank Country Director on Mahama’s PPAs


Former Minister of Power Dr Kwabena Donkor has launched a brutal response to the World Bank Country Director Pierre Laporte who has indicated that the Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) under the Mahama administration were poorly negotiated for.

Mr Laporte had called for an urgent review of what he described as “wrong and expensive” agreements.

Speaking to the media recently, he said “In the aspect of Ghana, those contracts you signed with the PPA are too expensive.

“The kind of PPA you signed, it means Ghana is paying for electricity not in use through the doubling of capacity.

“The fact is, in the last few years, Ghana entered into some PPAs that were wrong. These types, in our view, were at the wrong rate and at the wrong prices and today you’re paying duly for it. And today the country is being billed for many of these wrong PPAs”, the World Bank Country Director, Pierre Frank Laporte told Joy News in an interview.

“I know that the government has started some talks with the IPPs to renegotiate some of these PPAs,” he stressed.

But reacting to him, Dr Donkor who is also Member of Parliament for Pru East said “More importantly, the World Bank Country Director is not a technocrat. Let’s be very clear about that. He is a former Minister of Finance, former Minister of Trade of Seychelles as well as a former Governor of the Central Bank of Seychelles and currently a Presidential aspirant.

“He has his presidential ambition. He needs friends in the Sub-region and therefore his judgment is towards political ambition. He is not speaking as a technocrat. If he was speaking as a technocrat he would have paid a lot more attention to the facts rather than political narrations.

“But this particular Country Director, if you even observe his body language, if you observe the way he even intervenes in this energy situation, it is so clear he is not a technocrat,” the former Power Minister stated.


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