Kumawood goes high-tech

An innovative technological platform has been launched to expand the marketing of locally produced movies, whilst offering movie lovers a variety of choice. The “Kumawood App” is a digitized movie content created for subscribers of telecom network, MTN. The mobile platform hosts local movie content, short and funny video clips and celebrity news as a one-stop shop for customers. Noel Kojo-Ganson, General Manager in-charge of Consumer Marketing at MTN Ghana, describes the local film making as a “green industry” which will find the App a useful platform to launch them into the digital world. “The provision of the Kumawood App will make access to local movies even more convenient and enjoyable because movie lovers now have unlimited access to local movies, music and comedies in different local dialects; Twi, Hausa, Dagbane, Ga and Ewe,” he said. Movie producers and directors on the App have direct access to market their products without the hassle of going through distributorship. Chief Executive of Kumawood Multimedia, Samuel Darko, says over 200 movies are on the App for a start, with an increasing interest among producers and directors to get on the platform. He believes the App offers an opportunity to kill piracy, whilst leveraging the business advantage of premiering movies. “People don’t even have time to sit behind their television sets to watch but with this you can enjoy it anywhere you are…It’s very easy, convenience and affordable,” he stated. MTN subscribers with smartphones can easily enjoy this service anytime, anywhere at their convenience. They have opportunities to preview movies, subscribe to daily, weekly, monthly and year-long packs or access movies on the go. “The film industry stands to benefit a lot from this and all of us will work together to push this App and ensure it works to the needed levels,” said Kojo-Ganson. The application was developed by MTECH Communications, whose CEO, Chimere Mbonu, says the user-friendly App will be extended to the music industry for artistes to market their works through the platform. By Kofi Adu Domfeh|3news.com|Ghana]]>

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