Kumasi blown away by ‘amazing’ Akoma FM fufu party

On Monday, May 2 at the Akoma FM’s fufu party, the new gold was the local earthenware bowl, popularly known as ‘Asanka’ or ‘Ayowa’ as that was the only ‘visa’ one needed to join the biggest feast in Kumasi ever, The Akoma FM Fufuo Party.

Typically, a May Day holiday sees families unite and visit each other, but the 2022 version was different. Hundreds of ‘Fufu’ lovers thronged the the forecourt of Media General’s Kumasi outlet, Akoma FM, for a massive feast of a lifetime.

The heavily hyped event brought together over thousands of lovers of the indigenous staple, fufu, to eat and enjoy their May Day holiday celebration with loved ones for free.

The Hudson Road, which lies right in front of Akoma FM’s office at Asokwa, was seen with a rare bumper-to-bumper traffic jam after the patrons who thronged to the event with their earthenware bowls overwhelmed the forecourt of Akoma FM. The timely intervention from the police calmed and controlled the crowd.

The most spectacular scenes were captured when patrons were seen wielding their Asanka (Gold) – others held on their heads – waiting in serpentine queues to be served their much awaited fufu and assorted soups.

Once you’re in the queue, you dare not lose your Asanka because as the slogan goes “Fufuoooo oooo fufuo!!! de3 wo hia aaaaa ne w’ayowa’ to wit, all you need for your fufu is your earthenware bowl, hence the demand for the local bowl skyrocketed.

At about midday, all was set and the much touted fufu party was peaked and dense with patrons who looked hungry for the meal after smelling and inhaling the soups’ aroma. As usual, a prayer was said to set the ball rolling.

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Event organisers carefully selected topnotch food vendors and chop bar operators in Kumasi to cook and serve the fufu for the multitudes.

Patrons had the chance to taste the magic fingers of the famous Patase-based Efie Fufuo, Almighty Yaa Serwaa, who has grown her brand for over the years as fufu specialist, not forgetting Asuoyeboah-based Cici Chop Bar, who is noted for mouthwatering fufu with assorted local soups.

Interacting with some of the patrons after they were served their Asanka of Fufu, a man who identified himself as Yaw Boadi said, “I’ve always heard Efie Fufuo but I’ve never had the chance to taste their fufu because I understand it’s very expensive but for Akoma FM’s fufu party, I would still be craving for their food. So my fantasy is fulfilled and I’m thankful to Akoma FM; please be organizing such programs, it really touches lives”

Management of Akoma FM assured its listeners of more social events aimed at fostering unity between the station and them to promote brand extension.

Regional Manager of Media General Mathias Owusu Asante described patronage of the Akoma Fufuo party as overwhelming.

“This is my first major outdoor event and I’m so happy for the super patronage. In fact, I am overwhelmed with the crowd, but this won’t stop here. We will come up with such programmes to bond with our listeners and business partners.”

Head of Sales Faustina Dery urged prospective clients to do business with the station.

She explained that “the overflow of such crowd is a testimony that Akoma FM has wide listenership and reach. We are up for business, please take advantage of our numerous events and you will never regret being part of the Media General family”.

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The Akoma FM fufu party also afforded the patrons a platform to interact with their favourite presenters and other stars of Media General.

The side music, which was deejayed by Kumasi’s finest DJ Obonky, swung patrons into constant rhythmic mood and was the icing on the cake.

It was also a good time for loved ones to meet and chat to destress and prepare for the weeks ahead.

Sponsors of the Akoma FM’s Fufuo Party really had marvelous returns on their investments, as expectations were far reached and brand extension for their products were achieved.

Below are the sponsors of the event:









By Nana Asenso Mensah|Akoma FM|3news.com|Ghana


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