Kpebu demands unqualified apology from IGP; says he’s retrogressed democracy

IGP Dr George Akuffo Dampare

Legal representative of some of the protesters Martin Kpebu is demanding an apology from the Inspector General of Police () for the action of the Police Service last Thursday.

The private legal practitioner insists that the minimum Dr George Akuffo must do is to apologise not only to the protesters picked up but also to the good people of Ghana.

“It's normal, you are a fine man, just that you are human and you will make a mistake,” Mr Kpebu, who joined the protest on Friday, September 22, stated on The Keypoints on TV3/3FM on Saturday, September 23.

He said if the IGP does well, like he did in Constituency in the June 27 by-elections, he will be praised.

But if his actions go wrong, he conversely stated, they must be criticised.

For Mr Kpebu, Dr Akuffo Dampare may have been affected by the factions within the Service and the ongoing parliamentary probe on a secret tape about a plot to remove him.

“As soon as this disquiet in the Police Service, Maame Tiwaa's faction, COP Mensah's faction and the other problems you've had came up, I said let's go into it because it will help you,” he addressed IGP Dampare.

“You mean well. Naturally you are human but the way you retrogressed our democracy on Thursday, please that one the minimum you can do is to render an unqualified apology because you have given a big blot on our democracy.”

On Thursday, after police warned the public against joining any calls for as a result of an application filed at the High Court, a group of protesters converged at the 37 Lorry Station to march to the the seat of government.

They were, however, all picked up and sent to various police cells across the capital.

Numbering about 56, they were released same day, nonetheless.

The protesters came back on Friday to march towards the .

With none of them arrested this time, they were stopped in front of the 37 by crowd-combating police officers.

They stayed there until heavy dispersed them.

“Having been in the rains for almost 2 hours, later it was quite scary,” Mr Kpebu confessed.

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