Kpandai MP cuts sod for construction of two dams

Member of Parliament for Kpandai Constituency Daniel Nsala Wakpal has cut sod for the construction of two dams at Kabonwule in the Northern Region.

The legislator believes the dams when completed will solve the perennial water crisis faced by the over 5,000 residents of Kabonwule and its adjoining communities.

The people of Kabonwule and its adjoining communities are farmers.

They produce yam in commercial quantities.

Access to water has been their challenge for over five decades.

Women in the affected communities skip sleep in the comfort of their bedrooms to queue late in the night to get just a basin of water for use by their family.

School-going children are not left out as they skip school to hunt for water with their parents.

Those who even attend school would have fetched a bucket of water before leaving home.

Though some boreholes have been constructed by the Kpandai District Assembly, it is woefully inadequate to satisfy the population due to the low water table.

Another available source of water are some dugouts.

The dugouts measure up to over 8 feet and women have to go down to scoop water coming out from the ground.

Despite the unbearable stench from the water, the people still drink it because they have no option.

In 2017, the community was awarded one of the One Village One Dam projects but the project though captured as completed on government’s delivery tracker, is nothing to write home about.

The MP prior to the 2020 general elections promised among other things to solve the perennial water crisis.

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To fulfill this promise, he has cut sod for the construction of two dams in the area.

According to him, access to water is a legitimate need which everyone should enjoy.

He indicated that despite not taking any salary yet as a parliamentarian, he had to mobilize money for the construction of the dams due to the severity of the situation.

“I made a promise to solve the water challenge when I came round to seek your mandate and this promise I have come to redeem.”

He added: “I am in talks with some organizations to see how we can tap water from the River Dakar through to Kabonwule.”

He promised to tackle the challenges faced by the people one after the other.

The Assemblyman for the Kabonwule Electoral Area, Ninsawu Kisawu, on behalf of the people, expressed gratitude to the MP for the gesture.

He is optimistic the gesture will not only benefit the people for their domestic purposes but also in engaging in dry season farming.

By Christopher Amoako||Ghana