Komenda sugar factory produces first 100 bags

Komenda sugar 1The Komenda Sugar Factory has completed the production of its first 100 bags of sugar barely a month after commissioning. sources have indicated that the first 48 bags were packaged in the early hours of Monday June 20. The remaining 52 bags were added by close of day bringing the total number of bags to 100.

This comes a few weeks after President Mahama commissioned the factory amidst criticisms that the factory would be closed after about a month of production

Critics of the government downplayed the productivity of the factory, questioning the rationale behind revamping a company without having a regular source of raw material to feed it – an accusation that drew quick reaction from government.

According to government, plans are far advanced to secure adequate raw material (sugarcane) for the factory.

The first 100 bags according to our sources would be distributed to chiefs, queen mothers, opinion leaders, some civil society organisations amongst others to test the market and get reaction to the product.

The Muslim community who are observing the Ramadan fast would also be given samples to try when they break their fast.

The bags of sugar come in white sacks with the inscription “Komenda Sugar Company Ltd, 50kg, Made in Ghana” boldly written on the side of the side. There is also a logo of the company in green colour boldly printed atop the inscriptions.Komenda sugar 2

The 50kg sacks according to sources were also produced in Ghana for the factory. It sacks however come in various sizes and would be released as and when necessary.

Factory shutdown:
The Komenda sugar factory is expected to be shut down later this month after the last batch of sugarcane is processed. The shutdown is to afford the company time enough to undertake maintenance works and set it up for full scale production.

It is expected to be opened again in October or November.

By Martin Asiedu-Dartey||Ghana
Twitter: @NewsyMartin

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