Kokombas, Chokosis in Accra call for ceasefire in Chereponi

Indigenes of Kokomba and Chokosi living in Accra are calling on their counterparts in Chereponi and its environs to desist from attacking each other.

Their call comes on the back of renewed clashes between Kokombas and Chokosis on May 19, 2019.

The clashes led to the destruction of property, leaving some persons injured. One was confirmed dead.

Following this, a bi-partisan delegation visited the area to dialogue with leadership of the two ethnic groups to ensure peace prevails.

Addressing a press conference in Accra on Thursday, May 30, leadership of the two groups in Accra say the two communities are neighbours, and must endeavour to live harmoniously.

They condemned the clashes in Chereponi, stating that the incident was “baseless”.

They noted that Chokosis and Kokombas have inter-married each other in several instances and continue to have relations with each other; hence, there is the need for a ceasefire between the two communities.

Leadership of the two groups further charged their counterparts in the north to emulate them, since they live together in peace in Accra as one people.

“We at the Kokomba Yam Market, Timber Market or Old Fadama Market will not allow an unfortunate situation like the one in Naduni around Chereponi to take place here…,” they emphasized.

They stated that the clashes were uncalled for, charging security personnel to bring all perpetrators to book.


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