Kojo Yankah to challenge for Ghana FA presidency


Former Chairman of the Western Regional Association, , has announced his candidacy for the of the ().

Speaking to Onua Sports, Yankah revealed his intention to officially file his nomination when the nominations open. With his extensive experience in football administration, Yankah believes he is well-prepared to lead Ghana football and will actively in this year's election, expected to take place in October.

Having previously served as a member of the Black Stars management committee and holding various positions within the GFA during Kwesi 's presidency, Yankah is a respected figure in the sport's administration.

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During his eight-year tenure as the chairman of the Football Association, following the leadership of the late Lee Yankey, Yankah displayed his strong leadership skills. He also held a position as an Executive Committee member of the GFA.

Yankah is known for his outspoken nature and his dedication to football in Ghana. His candidacy brings a wealth of experience and a vision for the future of Ghanaian football.

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