Kofi Annan advocates neutrality for effective mediation & peacebuilding

The Former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, has shared his opinion on the way forward in peace building and providing effective mediation for conflicts in the world.

He tweeted on Wednesday to express his appreciation to be part of the discussion on the Oslo Forum, which opened on Tuesday.

Mr Annan called on third party countries involved in conflict mediation to remain neutral.

He explained that conflicts in the world can be resolved if only third party countries desist from taking sides with the parties involved in the conflict.

Recently, there has been tension between Qatar and some Gulf states who, according to a BBC source, have decided to cut ties with Qatar.  According to BBC, these states accused Qatar of destabilising the region and providing backing for militant groups including IS and al-Qaeda

It is against this background that the Former UN Secretary General has called on all persons to be peace promoters and to take neutral grounds whenever they want to serve as mediators to ensure trust and effective peace building.

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By Comfort Ahenkorah|3news.com|Ghana