Kobina Ansah’s ‘I Want To Sue God!’ thrills patrons at National Theater

After running a successful Emergency Wedding in December, many fans of Kobina Ansah were expecting nothing short of a flawless production during this Independence weekend and indeed their expectations were not cut short.

The two-night jaw-dropping satire, I Want To Sue God!, brought to National Theater patrons from all walks of life who fell in love with theater all over again.

The five-cast play pulled to the theater hundreds of theater lovers who were blown away by the unique story telling of Kobina Ansah.

Interlaced with live music, dance and spoken word poetry, the beautiful drama piece spoke to relevant societal issues like expensive weddings and staying together as a family in the face of conflicts.

Like all of the playwright’s productions, all four shows of I Want To Sue God! started exactly at their advertised time.

The lessons of the romantic comedy were clearly communicated as patrons laughed their hearts out.

They were treated to suspenseful drama and side-splitting comedy.

I Want To Sue God! was first staged in 2016 and re-run in 2022.

Kobina Ansah’s Scribe Productions is known for riveting plays such as This Family Is Not For Sale, The Boy Called A Girl and I Want To Sue God! among others.   

Source: Scribe News

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