Kobina Ansah talks addictions in new play: The Boy Called A Girl

The playwright

Social media is already buzzing with Kobina Ansah’s new play, THE BOY CALLED A GIRL, set to happen in July.

The playwright and director, whose previous works have delighted theatre lovers, is set to spark a lot more conversation with his new play with a controversial title.

The I Want To Sue God! writer and director in his own words describes his new play as his “best work yet”.

The eleven-cast musical stage play is a theatrical piece that is set to be staged on Saturday, July 20 at the National Theatre of Ghana.

Like most of his plays, this new, sensational piece touches on social issues.

The The Mirror columnist has woven it around addictions and how many struggle to deal with such in their closets.

He clearly notes how such addictions gradually destroy their victims and those around them.

THE BOY CALLED A GIRL is a beautiful piece that artistically touches on how a lot of people try to cover up their addictions by publicly condemning those same addictions.

“Everybody has some sort of addiction. It oftentimes begins as a strong desire for something. It may be just a strong desire for a phone. It may be just that desire for a man or woman. When one doesn’t manage their obsession well, however, it can eat them up and bring shame upon them eventually,” he explained.

“At the end of the day, we must all be careful our obsessions don’t grow up into addictions… and that’s what THE BOY CALLED A GIRL is all about.”

THE BOY CALLED A GIRL is themed on parental negligence, sexual abuse and confused identity.

Showing at 4pm and 8pm, this suspenseful play is Kobina Ansah’s sixth and is brought to theatre lovers by Scribe Communications and supported by Ecobank, PEG Solar, Westloc, AJS Ritemove, GH MovieFreak, FoodstuffHome, Cookies and Crumbs, Sarkus Multimedia, BEKOFI, and RegardPost.

Source: Scribe News

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