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Know the biggest thing in town: Q n A for 3news App

Your authoritative and credible news portal, 3news.com is  now easily accessible on your phone  with  the introduction of its mobile app -3news –  which can easily be downloaded from the Google play store.
Be informed and entertained while you stay on top with all the latest news breaking and more.

  1. What is the primary focus of the 3news App?

The 3news app is primarily focused on providing an avenue for 3news.com content to be shared on the go. 3news.com as has established itself as the leading portal for news and current affairs. The app is efficient and comes with unique features to satisfy the needs of users in terms of digital information accessibility.

  1. Which mobile platforms can one get the app, and is it a free or paid app?

The app is available on Android. And will soon be on iOS and windows.  It’s absolutely free. Just download the 3news app from your app store and experience a great digital experience.

  1. Who is your target audience?

Everyone who wants keep track of what is going on in the country.  However, research has shown that the primary age group of visitors is between 18 to 35 years.
Apart from news, users can expect a wide range of distinctive content on the app that appeals to various aspects of human interest. We have also built it in a user friendly manner with every page having content that will engage the user.

  1. What unique features make the app stand out from other news apps we already have on the market?

The app is loaded with unique and exciting features such as:

  • Live stream, video and audio on demand where users can have access to video and audios of our programs, and also stream live on their phones.
  • Users can also listen to live radio on all MG Radio platforms(Onua FM, 3FM, Akoma FM and Connect FM)
  • Cartoons from your favourite cartoonist, Tilapia
  • Photo gallery
  • Votes – where users can vote for their favourite contestants in any of our reality shows
  • Push notifications for news updates and breaking news alerts
  • iReport – where users have the opportunity to share stories, especially breaking news on our portal which we would give you credit as the source.
  1. How interactive would the app be?

Users have the opportunity share stories on all social media platforms.
The app also comes with an exciting feature iReport that give users the opportunity to share stories, especially breaking news on our portal which we would give you credit as the source.
For an even better experience users can login to the app with their email, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

  1. How do you plan to get feedback from users?

We have employed several methods to get feedback from users which include:

  • A « contact us » function built into the app where users can have the opportunity to reach out to us if the need be.
  • Surveys – we will periodically conduct surveys to know the views of users to keep us in check and be able to serve them with the best at all times.



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