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KNET launches IoT service based on AYECKA technology

The premium wholly Ghanaian-owned African continental technology firm, KNET Ghana Ltd, has announced the launch of its new IoT service called “IoT Anywhere”, which is an exciting solution to be delivered in cooperation with Israeli-based AYECKA who will provide the underlying technology.

KNET’s new branded service “IoT Anywhere” will provide customers with the ability to automate processes, cut operational costs and have up to date information on their systems

The service will be delivered across various different sectors – Manufacturing, Agriculture, Healthcare, Waste & Power Management among many others.

AYECKA will provide KNET with the HUB technology as well as the new AR1100 user terminal. The unique technology allows for high performance and very efficient use of the bandwidth, all in low-cost user terminals.

AYECKA will also supply the complete technology solution, enabling KNET to offer an unprecedented IoT service in Africa.

KNET will offer its “IoT Anywhere” service using AYECKA’s advanced VSAT IoT Network, capable of supporting 10,000’s of IoT terminals using a scalable HUB architecture.

The system is further designed to be most efficient in the use of the satellite resource, providing best industry bit/MHz ratio.

A joint statement from the KNET and AYECKA said: “All of this, together with the use of AYECKA’s AR1100 all-outdoor VSAT, reduces dramatically the total cost of ownership for KNET and subsequently for its customers, who only need a TVRO dish (90CM Receive only dish) to use this service.”

Richard Hlomador, Chairman and CEO KNET (R) and Avi Barda, President of AYECKA (L)

It said dedicated VPN networks can be built into the product, which will provide secure and encrypted transfer of data through a private ‘tunnel’, adding that, the product also gives customers instant national network access which is independent of GSM availability.

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“The range of services that our IoT platform provides include but not limited to M2M communications, Mobile money connectivity, supports fuel level monitoring at stations, supports dedicated payment platforms for E-commerce. This will also bring more inclusivity to the rural areas of Ghana,” the statement said.

Avi Barda, President of AYECKA stated, “I am honoured to cooperate with KNET, The AYECKA technology will enable KNET’s service to offer its customers in Africa the opportunity to deploy IoT networks to serve multiple applications, all in an affordable price of hardware and service”.

Richard Hlomador, Chairman and CEO KNET also said, “We are delighted to continue our commitment to ensure our customers across the world’s fastest growing economies have access to global standards of value-added services.”

He added that “IoT Anywhere” is the latest in our diverse portfolio of products. KNET has been providing satellite services for the past 22 years with the SES fleet of satellites at our Teleport and Network Operations Centre located at McCarthy Hills. This will make this service available for 22 West African countries. The cost of ownership of this product is similar to the TVRO dish (90CM Receive only dish) is all you need. We are very excited to continue to pursue our vision to offer top tier technology solutions to a diverse range of clients across Africa.”