KMA to fumigate over 1,000 homes at Kaase to appease residents

The trucks were blocked from accessing the landfill site
The trucks were blocked from accessing the landfill site last week
Over one thousand homes at Kaase and environs in the Kumasi metropolis in the Ashanti Region affected by unhygienic atmosphere created by the Kaase landfill site in the area have been earmarked for fumigation.
Residents last week demonstrated against the pervasive stench landfill site. The locals in the communities complained about the health challenges emanating from the poor management of solid waste at the landfill site by the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA).
At the demonstration led by assembly members and opinion leaders in the area, the main road linking the Kaase industrial cluster and the dump site was blocked, forcing trucks carrying waste materials to be grounded.
The police had to intervene to restore order, but the residents warned of further demonstrations if city authorities failed to heed to their grievances.
Their action has since forced the KMA to begin steps to address the concerns of the residents, including fumigation of more than 1,000 homes to suppress the odour as well as contain the breed of mosquitoes and other insects.
KMA admits blame
Director of Waste Management at the KMA, John Gorkeh-Miah, has told TV3 that about 850 homes have so far been fumigated.john-gorkeh-miah“I accept the fault because the place has been given to a private firm to manage but the contractor somehow failed in its operation,” he conceded.
The site is expected to be treated quarterly under a new arrangement.
The Department of Urban Roads is also expected to help address the bad road network which has been another worry of the constituents.
Mr. Gorkeh-Miah revealed that the Susan River which flows through the cell site will also be desilted to prevent the breed of mosquitoes.
Street lights will also be provided to affected communities.
By William Evans-Nkum|TV3||Ghana

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