KMA: PM candidate ready to step down if…

Abraham Boadi aka Opooman and Michael Adusei are the two contenders for the KMA PM post
Abraham Boadi, the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) member for the Nhyiaeso Electoral Area and also a candidate for the KMA presiding member position, has stated he will step down if his campaign team tells him to do so.
He told after another attempt to elect a presiding member for the KMA hit a snag.
One hundred and twenty assembly members voted to choose between two candidates – Abraham Boadi and Michael Adusei – over who is has the capacity to lead the highest decision body of the local assembly.
All elections, since October 2015, have ended in a stalemate.
Before Tuesday’s exercise, the Assembly had had eight elections in six meetings to get a presiding member but all have ended in a cliffhanger.
After five hours of voting, none of the two candidates was able to attain the two-thirds majority or 98 votes.
Though assembly members went on break for about two hours to consult among themselves, consensus was not reached to allow one of the candidates go unopposed.
But Abraham Boadi also known as Opooman told that he was ready to step aside on condition that his campaign team advises him to do so.
“I am a utility player…but if they want me to step down I will…in the interest of the assembly,” Mr. Boadi stated.
No date has been fixed for the next meeting.
The Ashanti Region Minister, John Alexander Ackon, said he was disappointed about the turn of event.
“We had come hoping to get a presiding member, in fact I am disappointed,” he remarked.
He said election has been postponed indefinitely.
By William Evans Nkum||Ghana

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