KKD's nephew takes on 'disloyal' KOD; calls him 'damn coward'

KOD acknowledged KKD at his wedding, according to the latter’s nephew[/caption] A nephew of Kwasi Kyei Darkwah’s has descended heavily on Kofi Okyere Darko, calling him an ingrate. In a statement on Thursday, March 23, Nana Yaw Acheampong said the recent pronouncement by KOD, whom he refers to as Richard Aidoo, is an avenue to seek attention and applause since KKD “is getting on with his life and work”. KOD had told Nii Kpakpo Thompson on Tonight that he never begged KKD not to mention his name in a 2014 rape case contrary an earlier assertion by KKD. But KKD’s nephew said KOD lied. “KOD must acknowledge the truth; that he is disloyal. “All he needs to do was speak the truth, not go into hiding when someone you call a cousin or friend is being lied about. Speak the truth and nothing but the truth, you damn coward.” Below is the full piece: My uncle Kwasi Kyei Darkwah is a calm fellow so you will not hear from him but if you fool around I will take you on personally, Kofi Okyere Darko. It is worrying that up till now the same journalists and media houses who published the story with vim have not published the fact that Ewuraffe Orleans refused to write a statement and actually told the Police Station Master WO Ahiable that I have not been raped so I cannot say I have been raped. My question to my fellow Ghanaians is will you stand by and be silent if someone you call family or friend is being lied about and persecuted? Two years after CCTV, Police records, Bill of indictment without a statement from the so called victim and principal witness, and court records show that this was a bogus case predicated on lies and malice Kofi Okyere Darko who was right there with another lady comes out seeking to be KKD The Finest’s friend hero? Travel has taught me that the people you help the most are the one who are most envious and jealous of you. The simple truth is that Ewuraffe, like many women today, have sex with men they choose to do it with. She never lodged a complaint with nor made a statement to the Police. The hairy-faced young man Kofi Kyei who lodged the complaint is now dealing with the repercussions of his lies. The Police now have to look at the persecution they bring upon any citizen based on lies and the judiciary will be looking again at the prima facie in all of such cases. KKD is getting on with his life and work. So what attention or applause does KOD want now? My uncle Kwasi Kyei Darkwah helped you Richard Kofi Aidoo so much from when you’re 16 all the way to 2008. Accept the truth that you wanted to see him fall but Who God blesses, no man can curse. Mr Kwasi Kyei Darkwah has mentored and helped many young men and women through challenging times into good careers. If Ghanaians are honest, you will hear from over 3000 people whom he has helped since he was 16. Learn from the likes of Kwami Sefa Kayi in his GUBA Award acceptance speech, Kofi Owusu of Metro TV as well as many media and public personalities to date. Once you excel in any way, there are people who will be jealous of you. That we understand. But you can’t keep a good man down. As for you Richard Kofi Aidoo who changed to “KOD the Finest” so you can claim to be a member of the family of KKD The Finest, I am so shocked. My Uncle KKD raised this boy since his father brought him to KKD’s marital home in New Achimota at age 16. He himself spoke about this at his wedding, leaving out the fine detail. It is the same KKD The Finest aka His Royal Blackness who got you a place to study for a Diploma at the Ghana Institute of Journalism after you had been turned down on several occasions. KOD has still not honored KKD’s effort in this regard. He has still not graduated. KKD mentored and provided for him like his own son as he has done for many young men in Ghana and the diaspora today. My younger uncle, KKD’s younger brother Yaw Addo Darkwah, a Teacher and Behavioural Specialist in London who previously was a broadcaster and host of the Big City Beat on Sunshine 102.3 FM also mentored him and he, KOD, has said so in many previous interviews. My uncles embraced this boy so much that wherever Richard’s (KOD’s) detractors would try to challenge him that he was not a member of our family, my uncles would say he is. Of course he is the son of an Adanse so accepting he is a cousin is all in good faith. KOD must acknowledge the truth; that he is disloyal. All he needs to do was speak the truth, not go into hiding when someone you call a cousin or friend is being lied about. Speak the truth and nothing but the truth, you damn coward. KKD and his young wife Ohenewa fed, clothed and taught KOD as one of their own. Broadcaster turned lecture Ekow Fisho Acheampong, his CEO Nathan Bola Ray Adisi and many more will bear witness to the truth. The simple truth is that Richard Aidoo now KOD refused to step up and say I was there with another lady. I could hear a pin drop from where they were. The whole story is a damn lie concocted to destroy a good man. Of course they were in that en-suite bathroom in my hotel room but Ewureffe Orleans could never say she did not go willingly into the en-suite bathroom after him, after Benny Blanco had finished powdering his face. Nor could she ever say in their standing position in that en-suite bathroom that she was forced in any way to make the love they did. Nor can she ever claim she even once called for help. So now what is he Kofi Okyere Darko looking for? You KOD wished to bite the very hand that fed you and destroy the very man whose personality and phrases you so religiously copy but God saved him with Cctv, loyal friends, a woman who refused to lie to support his haters, so now what do you want? The lesson in all this is beware of those you help and those you bring close to you. Honesty and loyalty are so rare.

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