Kidnapping of Canadian girls: Court sentences accused persons to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour


Tears, regret and shame. These expressions summarized the countenance of Sampson Agharlor, Elvis Ojiyorwe, Jeff Omarsar and Yusif Yakubu, the four accused persons charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping and kidnapping.

Two years since playing various roles in the kidnapp and abuse of two Canadian young women, Lauren Patritica Catherine Tiley and Bailey Jordan Chilley the four accused persons pleaded not guilty.

In a two-hour judgment reading by presiding Judge Lydia
Osei Marfo, she noted that the Prosecution’s witnesses, testimonies by the victims as well as evidences provided proved beyond reasonable doubt the accused persons were guilty.

“We cannot allow such nation wreckers to destroy international relations. Nothing done to them by way of punishment compares to emotional stress family of accused were put in.

The entire country was thrown into state of fear.

” Sincerest apologies to victims of kidnapping who had endured all these years.” Justice Osei Marfo told the victims and their families who had joined the hearing via a video link.

Lauren Patricia Catherine Tiley and Miss Bailey Jordan Chilley, who were in Kumasi to participate in a youth programme on June 4, 2019, got abducted by Sampson Agharlor, aka Romeo, the ring leader together with Elvis Ojiyorwe, Jeff Omarsar and Yusif Yakubu.

According to the brief facts of the case, the four accused persons comprised of three Nigerians and a Ghanaian.

The victims were blindfolded and smeared with chicken blood. Had their hands and feet tied and made to lie down while their clothes were stripped and held captive for 9days.

The court further noted that they suffered indecent and sexual assault.

Justice Osei Marfo noted that a confession from one of the accused was obtained after another had outrightly denied guilt. This was after several pieces of evidences had been presented.

She sentenced quartet to 9 years of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and 10 years of kidnapping with hard Labour.

In a twist of events, second accused person, Elvis Ojiyorwe went on his knees after the judgment was read and apologized to the victims seeking their forgiveness.

By Laud Adu-Asare | |Ghana


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