Keeping your braids clean and tidy to avoid hair loss


Most girls focus when it comes to braids, is to style it differently on a daily basis. Many fail to maintain the hair while in braids, with some leaving it to grow dandruff and even develop a stench in some cases. Due to this, some complain about the loss of hair, and their hair being dry, which sometimes weakens the hair. This article explores some solutions to these problems. To the ladies who have these problems, you should make sure you follow these essential maintenance guidelines.

  1. Protect your hair at night
Some ladies return home stressed and tired from the day’s work, and they forget to protect their braids using the hair net or scarf. Others also neglect this when they braid. But it is important for ladies to cover their braids when sleeping with a hair net or a stain scarf to prevent your hair root from drying out.
  1. Keep your scalp moist
Get a moisturiser and regularly moisturise your hair since the hair needs moisture a lot to be healthy. Remember not to pull too tightly when styling the hair, it weakens the hairline.
  1. Washing of braids.
Ladies, do not forget to wash your braids once every two weeks, because the build-up of sweat, dirt and others can be damaging to the hair. and you all don’t want all that dirt in your hair. It’s better to part your hair and wash the roots if you are doing it yourself, because no one likes a braid that smells.
  1. Avoid constant up-dos.
To my ladies who constantly like styling your hair, it should be avoided. High ponytails pulls your hairline and the constant pulling weakens the hair along your hairline.
  1. Don’t leave braids on for too long,
Leaving braids for months without properly taking care of it could destroy hair roots, and protective styling is meant to be a short-term (temporary), so constantly styling has its consequences. Your stylist might recommend protective styling for a month, its fine, but maximum should be two months, anything longer than that will stretch and damage your hair. By Lily K. Owusu||Ghana]]>


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