Keep your balls neat and fresh!

When it comes to your sexual health, good hygiene is of the utmost importance. Most people can get away with neglecting to clean their bodies for days on end without any health repercussions. However, the testicles are different! This area of your body is essentially its own biome, as it houses a variety of bacteria, fungi and other microscopic invaders which can do men harm. The problem of not taking care of your balls isn’t just about showering regularly and using soap either, as many of these microscopic invaders will still hang around. Keeping your testicles in the best health is going to require that you give them some extra attention in other respects as well. So, I had a conversation with some male friends who took the liberty of sharing experiences and challenges they faced while growing up and keeping their balls neat. But there are a number of reasons that lead to smelly cojones. Smelly and sweaty balls is a problem all men face but do not want to talk about. This article will, however, take a peek at this sensitive topic and give you some reason why men should pay specific attention to cleansing and grooming and keeping their balls fresh and also how to prevent and keep your groins neat. You should know it is vibes from your fellow gentlemen. Now let’s get to it, First of all, women do not like men with smelly and sweaty balls. If your girl has not told you yet, then it only means she is tolerating your sweaty and smelly balls because she doesn’t want you to feel bad and wants you to clean your balls after your own realization. Trust me, she will leave you without a word when she gets fed up. So, if you do not want her to leave, then you better start getting your groins smelling fresh and clean. Yes, I said it, clean your balls and keep it fresh.  It’s a fact that as men, smelly balls is something that a lot of men face. Secondly, it’s a downright disgrace on your part. Failure to clean your balls neat and dry can cause dire itchiness which can lead to bad rashes as a result of fungal increase. It is terribly bad for your health to have a sweaty and smelly loins area because it is evidence that there is increase in the growth of fungi and bacteria. Also, your friends know and talk about your smelly balls, you just don’t know. They may not be able to tell you because they do not know how to tell you or how you will react to the news. Changing your wardrobe and hygiene habits will help a great deal. Here are a few of things that you can do to stop and prevent smelly and sweaty balls to keep your testicles in good health and maintain a healthy sex life:

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Shave and clean pubic area. Trimming the hair is very important, especially in between your butt because air does not pass freely in that area which makes that area harbour sweat and foul odour. Shave regularly to prevent potential bacterial growth and odour. It is advised not to shave it bald. You can reduce chaffing and also reduce the chance of developing in-grown hairs that can lead to irritation and infection. Bath regularly. Taking your bath and scrubbing your groin area well and your testicles with unscented or mildly scented soap is advised. After bathing, dry clean your balls with a towel and make sure it is fully dry before putting on a clean boxer short or ‘supporter’. Bath twice a day. Choice of underwear. It is of equal importance to be cautious in choosing your underwear as checking your food intake. Many people think cotton is the best material for boxer shorts, but in actuality, cotton underwear should be something to do away with. Microfibre materials would be the best type of material to consider if you want to keep your cojones fresh and prevent having a smelly and sweaty testicle. And if possible, it is advised to buy the bacteria resistant ones on the market. Try to wear underwears that are not too tight that can allow your testicles breath. Balls product. You can get products that will help to keep your balls dry and clean such as powders with anti-fungal or anti-bacterial properties. Also, if you are a man who is more into physical labour, then getting some extra talcum powder on you at the job will do you good.
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Keep your testicles out of wet pants. You should avoid moist areas when it comes to the health of your balls. Change your underwear after work or gym sessions. Wearing sweaty clothes increases the chance of irritation, rashes and infection. It is also the best chance for fungus and bacterial to grow. Organisms like these grow in sweaty underwear and quickly spread to other areas as well. Ps: Take extra minutes to make sure your junk is clean and dry to avoid potential infection whether self-inflicted or not and also for your own wellbeing. By Nanaakua Yeboah||Ghana This article is based on research and data collection mostly from Quotes are, however, anonymous]]>