Kawukudi cleared for new Arts Center

The area is being cleared for the relocation of the Accra Art Centre to make way for the Marine Drive Project

Some squatters occupying a parcel of land at Kawukudi in Accra have described as woefully inadequate financial packages awarded them before evicting them from the area.

The eviction is to make way for the relocation of the Accra Arts Center to Kawukudi to make way for the Marine Drive project ongoing along the Accra coastal line.

After several warnings from the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), bulldozers moved in amidst heavy security to demolish all makeshift structures.

About 150 persons were affected but each has been compensated with GHȼ800, an amount some describe as too meagre.

“It was such a short notice they gave us. If this matter has ended up at the Rent Control Department, they probably would give us enough time to look for accommodation. They gave each person 800 Ghana Cedis which is woefully inadequate,” Adna Doya, an affected squatter told TV3.

Government had given an earlier deadline for the squatters to vacate the place and extended same by one month, but the squatters claimed the ultimatum given was not enough.

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Even though the mood at the time of demolition was not exactly a happy one, one affected resident said the exercise was in good faith and they had to oblige.

“We cannot fight the government. This is their land and it is their right to take it back. We have spoken to the people to accept the compensation and move out that is why you don’t see too many confusion here,” he said.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo last year cut sod for the commencement of work on the Marine Drive Project in Accra.

The Project, which is estimated to cost about $1.5 billion, is a public-private partnership project expected to transform the beachfront stretch from the Osu Christianborg Castle to the Arts Centre into a vibrant business and commercial enclave that will transform the city’s skyline, create jobs, spur tourism growth and boost the national economy.

The project is expected to transform the beach front into an eco tourism center.


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