Kasoa Killing: Accused persons committed to trial at the High court

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Two teens accused of killing an 11-year-old boy in Kasoa for rituals committed to trial by the Kaneshie Magistrate Court.

The Magistrate Court, having determined that there is sufficient evidence against the accused persons, ordered them to face trial at the High Court on September 20.

But it is the revelation by Felix Nyarko that the two have in the past killed a pregnant woman which shocked everyone in court, Tv3’s Komla who was in court on Monday August 16 reported.

Two teens accused of allegedly killing an 11-year old for ritual purposes in Kasoa, have been committed to trial by a Kaneshie magistrate court.

The court presided over my Rosemond Dodua Agyiri committed the two upon hearing their testimony on court.

The two Nicholas Kini (19) and a juvenile Felix Nyarko (16) gave contradictory testimonies in court.

While Felix Nyarko told the court he conspired with Nicholas Kini to kill the 11-year-old for rituals, Nicholas denied the claim in his testimony.

Felix Nyarko who broke down in tears during his testimony, also revealed he and Nicholas Kini have in the past killed a pregnant woman for a similar purpose, to back his claim that the two have been involved in this.

The revelation shocked the entire courtroom leaving some persons including journalists in tears.

The testimonies followed the presentation of exhibits to the court, by the senior state attorney Nana Adomaa Osei, which the state hopes to rely on for the trial.

The senior state attorney presented nineteen exhibits including a shovel, a spade, a club and other exhibits to the court.

The two have since been committed to trial at the high court to begin on September 20, 2021.

By 3news.com|Ghana