Kan Dapaah trends as ‘side chick’ orders him around in leaked flirtatious video

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Ghana’s National Security Minister Albert Kan Dapaah has become the talk of town on social media, topping the trends in Ghana after a leaked video of the politician flirting with an unknown lady surfaced on the internet Sunday morning.

The 2:54-minute undated video call seen my 3news.com, showed the minister who was in Europe for a meeting, having what many consider to be a ‘romantic conversation’ with the lady, whose side the leaked video appeared to have been recorded from.

The unkown lady was heard in the said video first asking the Minister when he was going to leave Europe.

“Are you gonna miss me when you’re on the flight?” the lady who is believed to be the minister’s girlfriend quizzed, to which Mr Kan Dapaah responded: “of course I am, of course!

It is unclear what the motive of the originator(s) of the leaked videos is.

No official statement has been issued since the video started circulating on social media Sunday morning.

Mr Kan Dapaah who was in a hotel room was asked by the ‘girlfriend’ what he was wearing and requested to see, which the minister obliged and responded “I’m in a pyjamas” after which he proceeded to give her a glimpse of the dress over the video call.

The lady then ‘ordered’ to Mr Kan Dapaah “turn around” for her to have a clear view, which the obeyed and gave her a 360 degree angle.

“Oh it’s nice; nice pyjamas,” the lady said, adding “you have a good taste”.

The Minister who at a point appeared to be getting romantic then quipped: “I wish I could have hugged you” as he opened his arms in the air to embrace the ‘girlfriend over the phone. “

“It could put me to sleep immediately,” Mr Kan Dapaah told the lady, and asked: “The last time you did to me, didn’t it put me to sleep?” to which the lady responded “It did”

His seeming romantic moment reached another level as he begun to imagine how things would have been if the lady was around with him in the hotel room.

“I’m going to the bath now, to have a bath with you; we’re going to bath together” Mr Dapaa said.

The lady who appeared surprised by that statement retorted “eish, okay,” adding “that will be some serious bath.”

Before ending the call, Mr Dapaah told the lady: “I love you,” but the only responded “Alright, bye”.

The ‘episode’ on the video has got social media talking with most of them trolling him while others want men to learn lesson from it.

By 3news.com|Ghana

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