JuniorSharks-Services JHS disconnect Sharks Dream of La Wireless

The #JuniorSharks competition of The Sharks Quiz Season 5 officially opened with two schools from the Keta Municipality of the Volta Region.

In the second contest of Episode 3 of the #JuniorSharks Season 5, Services JHS faced off with La Wireless 5 JHS.

With La Wireless 5’s motto: God first!, and Services JHS: Except the Lord! cancelling out, only Quiz master Noble Crosby Annan ably assisted by the judges and accurate time-keeper were left with the power to determine which school reigns supreme.

Round 1

Services came into the #JuniorSharks Season 5 with a pedigree and they looked prim and proper from Round 1.

They deservedly led at the end of the Round, La Wireless close behind by just a ten point difference.

Round 2 ( Writing, Reading and Arithmetic)

This was a difficult round for both schools, but once again Services maintained a slim lead over La Wireless 5.

Round 3 (STEM )

Services, at the risk of being lavish in praise, are arguably the best school in this STEM Round in the #JuniorSharks Season 5 so far.

The contestants, most notably Vanessa and Jesse combined beautifully to pull Services ahead by a big 40 points.

Round 4( One-on-one round)

The two contestants representing the schools in the English and Math segments disappointingly could not buzz for any correct answer.

Vannesa, who stepped forward for Services in the Science segment, however, managed to buzz one answer correctly to keep La Wireless 5’s loose grip further slipping.

Jesse Broni, taking the baton in the General Knowledge for Services dealt the final blow to La Wireless.

He correctly identified the voice of Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon Alban Bagbin, to disconnect La Wireless from the competition once and for all.

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