JuniorSharks Quarterfinals: Manna International vrs DPS

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A spectacular capitulation or a spirited comeback?, the Manna International vrs Dehli Private School(DPS) contest of the Junior Sharks Season 5 will go down in the annals of the competition.

This first quarterfinal contest of the Junior Sharks Season 5 will linger in the minds of viewers as one that fully satisfied expectations.

Manna, semifinalists on three occasions squared off with DPS, two-time finalists of Junior Sharks One(1) and Two(2).

The contest was a repeat of the Junior Sharks Season Two(2) clash where DPS came tops in the semi-final.

In this exciting contest, individual brilliance, team work and a well executed strategy were on full display by both schools.

Quite apart from the fact that the contest was neck-to-neck, it also gave us the potential candidates for overall best contestant in Literacy and Numeracy.

Captured below is in-depth analysis of Rounds One(1) to Four(4).

Round 1

Manna International started off with their first set of questions in this all important round.

Exuding confidence and with Ivy Baidoo in charge, Manna International lifted off quite well.

Fifty(50) points in this turbo-charged first episode in the quarter finals series is a commendable feat, all things considered.

It was palpable when DPS took their turn that the pressure was on them to either match Manna’s tally or do better.

They made their fans proud, finishing with their own fifty(50) points.

Viewers and fans of both schools were left sitting on tenterhooks going into the subsequent rounds.

Round 2

Both schools effected substitutions and introduced their trump contestants, if their last contest is any thing to go by.

DPS started the set of questions and bagged first question by substitute Jaminavi.

Evidently, Jaminavi’s introduction played a major part in a colossal seventy-five(75) points earned by DPS in this Round.

To be brutally frank, twenty(20) points by Manna in this Round is a poor score, judging by their own lofty standards.

But then again it is also better than nothing or negative points, as you would see.

Round 3

Like many of the fiery and unpredictable contests witnessed in the Junior Sharks Season Five, the Manna vrs DPS clash added to the thrills and spills.

In this STEM Round, the scales turned in Manna’s favour.

Diminutive whiz kid, John, found his mojo in his favourite Mathematics.

With his inspiring output, Manna rediscovered their rhythm, buzzing to a series of questions with correct answers.

From a connoisseur’s point, it was difficult to figure out what DPS was going through.

Whether it was over-confidence that the contest was a foregone conclusion at this point or a general lethargy is a question fit for the gods.

Manna International held a twenty(20) points advantage over DPS at end of the Round.

The scores stood at thirty-five(35) to fifteen (15) for Manna and DPS respectively.

On to the last Round to see who finishes off strongly to book the first semi-final berth.

Round 4

The permutation looked interesting: Manna could snatch victory from the jaws of DPS if they hit five(5) correct answers and DPS failed to answer any.

If on the other hand DPS hit two correct answers or more, the contest would be tied or won for DPS.


The best of the best in English, Maths, Science and General Knowledge were called upon.

Vincent for Manna and Jaminavi for DPS went toe-to-toe in the English segment .

Vincent bagged two questions successfully to leave the super-brilliant Jaminavi exasperated.

Mathematicians were Kezia for DPS and John for Manna.

John’s display deserves a bit more elaboration: his astuteness in Numeracy deserves slow winding and watched over and over again.

Such a smart move the young lad displayed as he kept his left hand on buzzer while right hand did the working.

As soon as he was close to an answer, off he went with the buzzer.

And mine oh mine! he did not miss any of the two very difficult questions- twenty(20) solid points.

Science geeks were Joao for DPS and Kwadwo for Manna.

Kwadwo quickly did one over Joao on the first question.

Not wanting to be outdone and with reality starring DPS in the face, Joao took the risk on the second question.

He buzzed to the question midstream with the view to neutralize Kwadwo, but he was unsuccessful at that attempt.

Kwadwo had all the time in the world to settle on the best option, but he also couldn’t come up with any positive result.

General Knowledge Sharks were vintage Ivy Baidoo and Nana Kwame for Manna and DPS respectively.

Ivy identified correctly the photo of the Minister of Roads and Highways, Mr. Amoako Attah for ten(10) points.

Nana Kwame was captured looking rueful, an admission that they had let victory slip through their hands, sadly.

The second question went unanswered.

At the end of the last round, Manna International had upsetted DPS with sixty(60) points as DPS shockingly scored zero.

Manna International were in their fourth straight semi-finals, the final scores confirmed.

Scores at a glance!

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