#JuniorSharks: Life International lowers the envious flag of Ghana Christian High

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The euphoric feeling carried by Ghana Christian High’s supporters who thronged to support their team in their 1/6th contest versus Life International of #Junior Sharks was understandable.

Not only are Ghana Christian High defending champions, they are also an unprecedented three-time winners of Junior Sharks, with a fourth title in their sight.

Their stellar pedigree notwithstanding, Life International taught them some useful life lessons at the Round of Sixteen they will never forget.

Let’s see how the rounds accounted for themselves after the contestants’ introduction was done.

Round 1

As has been over-emphasised at beginning of contests-Round 1 affords teams the leeway to amass as many crucial points as possible.

Both teams thus attacked the Round aggressively to set themselves at a vantage point in the subsequent rounds.

Thirty(30) points apiece at the end of the Round was a fair reflection of proceedings.

Round 2

Samara came on for Life International to beef up the strength of the Tema Community 5-based school.

At the end of another closely fought round, Life International took the Round marginally.

Round 3

At this stage, even affable Quizmistres, Evelyn Agyapong acknowledged that this Round 16 contest promises to be a very tough one.

Her words came true as a brilliantly contested round ended with Life International once again narrowly winning the Round by five(5) points.

Round 4

When the accurate time-keeper rang the bell for Round 4 to begin, Ghana Christian High were still the loudest in the quiz room.

The points tally as at the end of Round 3, however, was beginning to betray their cacophony.

Aillyn Obeng, contestant proficient in English for Life International buzzed to spell correctly ‘Odontalgia’, and again answered ‘school’ for a group of whales, sending the Life International supporters into pandemonium.

Mathematics wizards for Life International and Ghana Christian High were Sybil Adjei and Nana Adwoa respectively.

And it was the former who buzzed to answer correctly the second question after she and Nana Adwoa both missed the first.

At this point the inevitable stared the defending champions in the face and the only way out was a miracle.

Annie-Lois, scientist for Christian High missed the second question, and her exasperated reaction summed it all up: the four-times dream was crashing.

Elsie, took the missed opportunity with both hands and collected another ten(10) points for Life International.

Ellaine, expert in General Knowledge for the defending champions correctly identified the photo of tennis star, Naomi Osaka.

But Clifford’s return to the competition as the General Knowledge specialist for Life International provided comic relief rather than any serious contribution.

At the end of it all, Life International had emerged victorious in a truly enthralling Round 16 contest of the Junior Sharks Season 5.

Scores at a glance

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