Judicial Scandal: Lawyer hits out at Justice Dery for making U-turn on what he preached

A private legal practitioner has hit out at one of the High Court judges implicated in the country’s judicial bribery scandal for making a U-turn from his previous decisions relating to privacy vis-à-vis public good.

The judge, Justice U.P. Dery who faces impeachment, on Monday morning filed a writ claiming a violation of his right to privacy in the investigative documentary by Anas Aremeyaw Anas. 

He is among other things, asking the High Court to place an injunction on the broadcasting of the three-hour edited video documentary that exposes 34 judges in bribery, extortion and sex scandal.

But speaking on TV3’s morning magazine show, New Day, the legal practitioner, Abraham Amaliba expressed surprised at how the judge has suddenly departed from his previous judicial decisions of protecting the public good as against an individual’s right to privacy.

“The very things that Justice Dery is talking about as his reliefs [in the case], some of these things have appeared before him and he has ruled against them,” he said.

According to Mr. Amaliba, Justice Dery has on a number of occasions in the execution of his judicial duties, ruled that the general good or the public interest overrides an individual’s privacy.

“Today, the same things that he has ruled against is [sic] what he is hashing as the basis for his defence (case). And so for me, I’m of the view that it is a way to try to slow down the process but it will not truncate the process,” he stated.

He added: “you commit a crime even in your bedroom if it is discovered, you can’t talk about privacy,” and explained that protecting the public good reigns supreme.

Mr. Amaliba who has longed held that some judges in the country’s judiciary are corrupt, said the recent exposé by AnasAremeyawAnas just goes to emphasis his view as well as provide the evidence people have been looking for.

Touching on the suits that have been filled so far in the case, he said the 34 judges implicated in the video would employ every available technicality to prove their innocence in the case.

“I think that what the judges will be doing now is to take advantage of every opportunity to try to prove their innocence”.

Just listen to Justice Dery, he says that his privacy was invaded and that the content of the video were obtained without his consent. I’m also sitting here and also saying that nobody has a right to commit crime.

Commenting on the call for the Chief Justice to resign, Mr. Amaliba said the CJ cannot be held for the indiscretion of an individual judge especially so when she been crusading against corruption in the judiciary.

By Stephen Kwabena Effah/3news.com/Ghana
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