Judge sacks Barker-Vormawor from court

There was pandemonium in court on Monday February 28 during the second trial of Fixthecountry convener Oliver Barker Vormawor.

The accused was sacked from the courtroom after defying the orders of the Presiding judge, her ladyship Eleanor Barnes.

While Magistrate explained why the accused could not be granted bail in her court, the accused Oliver Vormawor interjected, telling the court that they had not asked for bail.

Eleanor Barnes asked the accused to be silent and only speak when he had been permitted to, Oliver Barker Vormawor continued to rant and added that “the court hasn’t clothed itself in glory.

He further described the court as a kangaroo court and a sham.

The Magistrate ordered for the accused to be escorted from the court premises while the case continued.

Counsel for Oliver Barker Vormawor, Justice Srem Sai begged the judge to tamper justice with mercy following the exchange between his client and the bench.

The Magistrate ruled for Oliver Barker Vormawor to be remanded for another two weeks to reappear before the court on March 15.

By Laud Adu Asare|3news.com|Ghana

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