JOO Writes: Chairman Ofosu-Ampofo’s leadership is unparalleled, calls for his removal unfounded

Samuel Ofosu Ampofo

I have taken time to go through the malicious and slanderous campaign embarked on by some cowards who very often hide behind the internet to throw shades at the hardworking National Executives of the NDC, most especially the party’s National Chairman, Hon. Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo.

This time, these cowards have come out of their hideouts after many years of cooking evil in the dark against the person of Hon. Ofosu-Ampofo, organizing a senseless press conference in Kumasi; calling for the removal of the Chairman and all other National Executives of the party with the exception of the general secretary.

The said press conference was led by one Mr. Enock Amoako-Nsiah in Kumasi, another individual who is the Regional Secretary of APC in the Ashanti Region and one Nana Agyenim Gyataba of UFP and a host of other hired mercenaries doing the bidding of their paymasters.

To begin with, does the NDC have affiliate political parties? And how on earth can someone or a group of persons who are not even members of the NDC hold a press conference calling for a total overhaul of the entire national executives of the party with the exception of its general secretary? Clearly, this is the handiwork of same faceless cowards within the party who continue to fall on these pawns to further their selfish political interests.

Let me first put it on record that, the claims by Mr Enoch Amoako-Nsiah and his gang of hired mercenaries working on the instructions of their paymasters just to sow the seed of disunity in the party and cause disaffection for the hardworking National Chairman of the NDC are frivolous and without merit. The least they could have done is a bit of research to back their claims, but obviously such hired mercenaries are never interested in the facts because that will only expose them; silly propaganda has always been their area of interest.

Chairman Ofosu-Ampofo is one of the few National Chairmen of the NDC to transform the office of the National Chairman into a full functional office. He has been working day and night for the NDC; paid working visits to each of the 16 regions several times since his election as Chairman 3 years ago. He’s also been in constant touch with the base of the party so how can any reasonable person brand such a vibrant, strategic and dynamic Chairman as incompetent?

That said, the Ofosu-Ampofo led NDC administration succeeded in building one of the most formidable and united fronts in the history of the party when it took steps to bring all the 2020 flag-bearer aspirants of the party together to play diverse roles in the 2020 elections. To make this possible, he reached out to each of the aspirants, asked them to come onboard, and that became the turning point for the NDC going into the 2020 elections. It only takes a visionary and strategic leadership to achieve such great feat in politics.

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Contrary to the claims by these hirelings, the NDC’s performance in the 2020 elections was encouraging in terms of the numbers, barring the numerous shameful orchestrations by the Jean Mensah led EC and the Akufo Addo government to manipulate the 2020 elections, the NDC could have emerged victorious in the Presidential elections.

But that notwithstanding, the party’s overall performance, the quantum leap in the Parliamentary numbers with 31 new additions while that of the incumbent administration dropped by 32 lends credence to the mighty performance of the current leadership of the party. Again, after creating a hung parliament with 137 MPs, our Parliamentarians with support from party leadership went ahead to elect the speaker of the House. An unprecedented feat never seen in this country since the inception of this fourth Republic. The events that led to electing the speaker of the House didn’t just happen. It took the effective coordination between the leadership of the party, the flagbearer, H.E John Dramani Mahama together with the 137 gallant MPs of the party to achieve that and quiet surprisingly, these are the leaders, narrow-minded characters like Enoch Amoako-Nsiah and Stephen Atubiga seek to brand as incompetent at any least opportunity they get.

With regards to the elections, the statistics tell the tale; in 2016, the NDC as an incumbent party with all the resources at its disposal performed abysmally. In the 2020 elections, while in opposition with limited resources, the NDC was able to put up a stunning performance in terms of the total number of votes. In the 2016 Presidential elections, the NDC recorded 4,771,188 votes representing 44.5% as against that of 2020 when the party recorded 6,213,182 representing 47.36 % of the total votes. We are all privy to the subsequent manipulations to declare Akufo Addo President. Per this statistics, how can any sound minded person go after Ofosu-Ampofo or any of his executives and brand them as incompetent?

The most ridiculous of all the claims by these demented elements is their suggestion that the party needs a radical person as its chairman and that, Chairman Ofosu-Ampofo’s Pentecost style of leadership is causing the NDC a lot.

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As absurd as this assertion is, I will still do my best and respond to it. First, I must admit that, the call for a radical person as Chairman only confirms the 12th century mentality some of these guys still harbour. These are people still locked up in the stone age era of politics with no hope of a possible escape. Any rational observant of the current political trend in Ghana must be aware that Ghanaians are not in for political radicalism and Akufo Addo, now President of Ghana is a classic demonstration of this fact. Candidate Akufo Addo was known to be radical, reckless and divisive; with his infamous “all die be die” mantra, lost two of the Presidential elections he contested. It was not until he decided to rebrand into a unifying leader that Ghanaians accepted him. He even went ahead to adopt the slogan “the battle is the Lords”, a mantra he abandoned after hoodwinking Ghanaians into voting for him. This scenario is enough to justify the fact that, no Ghanaian within this political dispensation wants a gun-tooting national Chairman or a bomb throwing Chairman, or a loose talker as Chairman. What everyone seeks is a fine mix of strategy, vision, good organisational skills and communication and these are the qualities Chairman Ofosu-Ampofo presents.

Again, the claim that, Mr. Ampofo is running the NDC like a church is not only childish but reinforces same stupid mindset of these same old lackeys. The fact is Chairman Ofosu-Ampofo has always been an Elder of the Church of Pentecost, long before he joined politics about 3 decades ago. Was it not this same Ofosu-Ampofo, who as National Organizer, worked together with other executives of the party to wrest power from the NPP in 2008 when it seemed almost impossible; same person led the NDC to more volatile areas for by- elections in the past and has never bowed out for reason of being a church elder. His association with the Church of Pentecost must be seen as a plus because today, the Church of Pentecost is one of the fastest growing churches in Ghana and per the statistics from the recent Population Census conducted, the church constitutes about 10% of the entire national population and if politics is about numbers why should anyone be worried about having a Chairman who has godly ties with such a church. One would expect sensible minds to look at how the party can leverage on this uncommon alliance for political capital.

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Also Mr. Amoako-Nsiah and his team of hired mercenaries working on the sole instructions of their paymaster also claimed that, the only national executive that should be retained is the General Secretary of the party, Hon. Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, because to them he’s radical, how interesting. They claimed, Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketiah is the only radical person who can help NDC to win the 2024 elections and the good question any sensible person will be asking is simple and short, why then did the NDC loose the 2016 elections because the general secretary today was the general secretary at the time and even doubled as the campaign coordinator at the time but the party lost the 2016 elections even as incumbent with all the resources.

What is more interesting in the face of all these baseless propaganda and falsehood against Chairman Ofosu-Ampofo, is why the party’s communicators sit and watch demented characters like Enoch Amoako-Nsiah and Stephen Atubiga constantly subject their National Chairman to such vicious public attacks premised on foolish accusations and claims.

If the NDC can organize press conferences to defend other members of the party when they are threatened or attacked, why can’t they do same for their National Chairman, or is it a well rehearsed scheme by some individuals within the party, using lackeys like Enoch Amoako-Nsiah, Stephen Atubiga and others to throw shades at both the flag bearer and the National Chairman of the NDC?.

I encourage the national communication team of the NDC to rise and quash the many slanderous campaign being embarked on by these senseless characters. And to those within our party foolishly pushing for a contest between Chairman Ofosu Ampofo and the General Secretary, you are only calling for the total destruction of the NDC. Chairman Ofosu Ampofo is an institution, well grounded in the NDC grass-root politics and no amount of evil politics could push him away. If anyone wants to contest Hon. Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo for the chairmanship position of the NDC, they know what to do, you wait for the right time, pick a nomination form and contest him but these attack dogs will not be entertained henceforth.

Joseph Osei Oto ( J O O )
Avid NDC Supporter and a Believer Of Social Democracy.