John Mahama is the best politician in Ghana – Kofi Wayo

The founder and leader of the United Renaissance Party – URP, Chuck Kofi Wayo says President John Mahama’s genuine feeling for the ordinary person makes him the best amongst the politicians in Ghana. 

Mr. Wayo was speaking on 3fm’s Sunrise Morning show when he described the President as a man for the people and praised him for his kind hearted approach toward the people of Ghana.

“The best amongst all the politicians so far is John Mahama because he has feelings for the Ghanaian people. I know all of them but I can tell you John Mahama has feelings for the people and that is why I am supporting him until I am ready.”

The failed presidential aspirant said there was a divine intervention which led President Mahama to win the 2012 elections indicating that “I thought Nana Akufo Addo had won the 2012 elections and when he didn’t win we all knew there was a divine intervention somewhere.”

Sharing a personal experience with the host of the show, Kofi Wayo said “John Mahama will weep when you go and tell him about children dying and that clearly tells you how much feeling he has for people.

“I remember a day when I went to visit them when he was vice President and a woman came into the house with torn clothes and smelling bad wanting to see the wife of John Mahama. The security forces asked her to leave but the woman had the number of Lordina so she called her and she came to see her.”

He indicated that the incident in question showed him how a simple and noble the first family were. He said the first lady “didn’t forget where she comes from and how many first ladies will do that and that is when I said to myself Glory be to God”.

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