John Dumelo’s mobile money tweet sees guys rushing for ladies’ numbers

Popular actor John Dumelo now describes himself as a farmer[/caption] A tweet by award-winning actor John Dumelo to have followers drop their mobile money numbers for some money attracted numerous guys joining the thread of replies. “Today is Friday,” John Dumelo tweeted. “Drop your mobile money numbers for nokio fio.” Within an hour, the tweet got over 1,000 replies with many indeed dropping their numbers. But some guys took advantage of the open phone numbers to pick on some of the “fine” ladies and they did not hide their intentions. Some followers thought ladies have fallen for the love-for-money trap. In fact, some of the ladies expressed fears dropping their numbers. Others think the high number of replies means cost of living in the country has gone rather high. Those who wanted jobs put it bluntly. By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh||Ghana ]]>

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