Jeremie still healing hearts with ‘Not Easily Broken’

Reaching out to women who have had broken foundations and not had the love they would have liked to experience has been at the heart of Jeremie’s existence, she says.

When the team sat with her to find out where she had been all these years, away from the media, her face lit up as she spoke of a new found meaning and sense of purpose.

According to her, she had created a Christian girls support group, called Not Easily Broken, in 2018, where ladies could breathe, share and hear others get real about their personal struggles.

She further stated that it was a family where broken women could hold each other up as they journeyed towards becoming whole again.

A little research into Not Easily Broken was mesmerizing. Jeremie’s brainchild was not only a fellowship of young Christian women meeting every Friday night, but was empowering young women from abused homes.

In fact as part of their 3rd anniversary celebrations, Jeremie and her team visited the Girls Correctional Facility and Centre for Abused Children in South Labone to speak to them and make a donation.

Dubbed ‘The Heal A Heart Campaign’, it sought to empower young girls at the facility who had been brought in due to various criminal offences to help them have a positive self image and to forgive their perpetrators.

Now a Certified Life Coach, Jeremie is confident that she can take this a notch higher by offering professional counseling services to the weak, broken and vulnerable.

For Jeremie, her life is evolving and making more meaning now with her newfound calling.

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Healing hearts, she says, remains the core of her essence.