Jean Mensa-led EC resurrected dead parties, financed them to cheer the c’ssion – Mahama

Former President John Dramani Mahama has accused the Jean Mensa-led Electoral Commission of resurrecting and finding financing for dead smaller political parties in Ghana just to support whatever decision the elections management body takes.

According to the 2020 presidential candidate for the NDC, that is not the way to ensure electoral reforms after a major elections such as the 2020 general polls.

 Speaking on Radio Tamale as part of his thank you tour on Thursday August 19, Mr Mahama described these smaller parties as a pack of wolves that are taken to meetings of the Inter Parry Advisory Committee to rubber stamp the EC’s decisions.

“That is why Ghana we have continued to improve after any election because we do a post mortem of what didn’t go so well and what went well  and then based on discussions we block those loopholes to make the next elections better.

“Often when we have done this, we have done under the ambit of a neutral arbiter, some respected person.

“I remember that under the last electoral commission the Azu Crabbe Commission was the one that sat and discussed issues of electoral reforms especially with regards to the register.

“And so we had expected that  after this election,  concerning the controversies that had  existed between our party  and the EC, that the EC will come out  with some neutral arbiter , put somebody we respect  to listen to all of us and come up with a report  and say that these are the suggestions  that the political parties  had made in terms of electoral reforms.

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“Instead, immediately, the electoral commission went into a retreat with IPAC and there are a lot of small parties they have gone to resurrect, these parties didn’t exist before.

“They have managed to find financing for them and they are just a pack of wolves that they take to IPAC and cheer lead their cheerleaders of the Electoral Commission chairperson and her people. Anything they say let us vote.”

By Laud Nartey||Ghana