Jasmine Baroudi to star in ‘The Cell’

Golden Movie Awards Supporting Actress for 2019 Jasmine Baroudi will be spending the next few weeks following a routine of getting chained up and staying in a single spot for hours. The actress will spend an entire film shoot going through varying levels of torture while immobilized. This is what new movie ‘The Cell’ is about. ‘The Cell’ takes place primarily in a claustrophobic cell structure. An almost unrecognizable Baroudi stars as a medical doctor caught up at the end of a revenge scheme. The story focuses on how easily it is to tip from sanity to insanity as a result of turning of one’s lives circumstances. ‘The Cell’ sets itself as an intense, gripping psychological thriller with female lead determined to shine despite being restricted from moving with supporting performances from actor Anthony Woode. Jasmine Baroudi is no stranger to being stuck in single locations for shoots  after recently appearing in ‘The Bridges and The Gabs’. Source: 3news.com|Ghana]]>

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