I've no intention of reconciling with Rawlings – Boakye Gyan

Major (retired) Boakye Gyan speaking on the June 4 revolution[/caption] A key member of the erstwhile Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) Major (retired), Boakye Gyan, has stated that the celebration of June 4 is no longer relevant. According to him, it is better to come together as a nation to commemorate June 4 as done elsewhere in developed countries rather that celebrating it. “This event has outlived its usefulness and we must move on. Let us get both the beneficiaries and political leaders across the political divide to observe as done in the UK. Let us erect a cenotaph where we can go to lay wreath but not to see people merry making,” Major (retired) Boakye Gyan said on Onua FM Monday, June 4. READ:Rawlings must stop celebrating June 4 – Boakye Gyan The June 4 uprising or revolution was a violent uprising in Ghana in 1979 that arose out of a combination of corruption, bad governance, frustration among the general public, and lack of discipline and frustrations within the Ghanaian army. Every year, this is always an event of a sort to celebrate the day. But Boakye Gyan is of the view that there is no need to continue reminding people who lost their relatives as a result of the uprising. He would rather it is observed quietly as a sign of repentance and remorse.

“There were people who died as a result of the uprising and also there were people who lost their belongings, so there is no need to remind these people and their relatives about that day. It belongs to history now. We should rather come together on June 4 to commemorate solemnly to show our remorse and say never again” Major (retired) Boakye Gyan
Major (retired) Boakye Gyan said although he took part in the uprising and still believes that they fought for a cause, it is time the events of June 4 were put behind. He called for forgiveness from those who “we have wronged”. The retired soldier, who is known to have a very sour relationship with former President Jerry John Rawlings, said their relationship will continue to be like “divorced couples” adding that he has no intentions of reconciling. He, however, noted that he is still a member of the NDC, a party he helped found. By Bright Dzakah| 3news.com|Ghana ]]>