I've been depressed under NPP- Brigadier Nunoo-Mensah cries out

Former National Security Advisor Brigadier General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah has expressed disappointment over how the NPP government is running the country. He indicated that the country is not being run in a manner that will bring about growth. According to Brigadier Nunoo-Mensah, government has so far failed to make Ghana a better place for citizens, yet many lack the courage to voice out their misgivings about the Akufo-Addo government. He made these observations Saturday on Key Points on TV3 while assessing the performance of the NPP government in the last two years. “…Two years ago, we had the NPP in power and…the NPP made all kinds of gigantic promises and I was a member of the NPP, so I know where I am coming from. Unfortunately, we do not speak the truth in this country because we do not have the courage to speak the truth, we have a big problem ahead of us,” he said. He expressed worry over the level of backwardness in Ghana’s growth and development. “I am getting more and more depressed, depressed in the sense that if you look at where we are today and where I think we should have been there is a huge difference,” the ex-military man said. He expressed concerns over how the NPP government politicized the issue of its Free SHS policy and failed to properly make plans for the programme. “With the Free SHS policy, in the military we say that war is 90% preparation and 10% fighting. If you are going to set up something like this program, you must make sure everything you need is in place. “We were not ready for it, we had the idea, but it was a political decision. We wanted power at all cost, so if you had to sell your mother to get power, you will sell your mother,” he noted. For his part,  private legal practitioner Kwame Jantuah on the same show stated that the NPP gave hints about the failure of the Free SHS programme when they failed to indicate the source of funding for the programme at the beginning of their administration. “I did not expect a party to come into power and are now finding ways and means to finance the Free SHS project, I did not expect that. I expect that by the time you get in, you have a fair idea as to how you are going to finance some of these projects,” he indicated. He said although the NPP has outlined a number of laudable initiatives such as the 1District-1Factory initiative, 1Village-1Dam amongst others, these projects will not fully materialize due to lack of proper planning on the part of government. “Unfortunately, the NPP will not be able to finish these laudable projects by the time the four years come, because it is not feasible.” Mr. Jantuah also expressed concerns over the rate at which government has been borrowing over the past two years. He said the level of borrowing is causing a rise in Ghana’s debt, a situation he said will go a long way to affect the ordinary Ghanaian.

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