It’s time for the VGMAs so Medikal just wants attention – Teephlow


Ghanaian rappers, Medikal and Teephlow have a long and complicated history of feuds and this week the beef has been resurrected once again after certain utterances from the former.

Medikal, 29, who is currently promoting his latest project, Cold and Trophies, accused colleague rapper, Teephlow of being envious and jealous of his achievements in the entertainment industry hence he would never collaborate with him.

“I don’t see myself doing music with Teephlow. He is envious of me, he is jealous of me, he hates me, he doesn’t wish me well, he wishes to be in my position,” he revealed

But responding to Medikal’s bold utterances in the media over the week, the “Phlowducation” rapper said Medikal just wanted attention to be able to push his popularity at the upcoming VGMAs.

In a now-deleted post on Facebook, the rapper posted, “As usual it’s VGMA time, he wan attention. #CryBabe #LoveForAllHatredForNone.”


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Teephlow and Medikal have also been pitched against each other for the Best Rap Performance category at the 24th VGMAs.


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