It’s networking not ‘ahohyehyɛ’ – Edem says Stonebwoy projected Ghana at Grammys

It's networking not 'ahohyehyɛ' - Edem says Stonebwoy projected Ghana at Grammys
Ayigbe Edem, Harvey Mason Jr (CEO of Grammy) and Stonebwoy

“For starters, anybody who can get on a business class ticket that is over $5,000 and go and do ‘ahohyehyɛ’ should be praised”, Ayigbe Edem told Giovani on 3FM Drive during a phone-in discussion about public reaction towards Edem and Stonebwoy’s behaviour at the Grammy weekend.

Ayigbe Edem, who performed with Stonebwoy at Grammy’s Africa Nominee Brunch organized by Guba Enterprise in partnership with the Recording Academy, called nayser’s small thinkers living in their own bubble.

Ahohyehyɛ is a Twi word, a Ghanaian dialect, that describes people who intrude on people’s spaces to beg for favours or to be known as a member of a particular circle.

According to Edem, there is nothing wrong with trying to make meaningful acquaintances in one’s career.

“Even on stage at the Grammy, global artistes go crazy just passing by Beyonce. I mean American artistes. So how much more you, who came from a very little town and have been able, with your team and the support of fans, to go onto the global stage

In life, your network is your net worth. It is important for people to see this with a global eye when people are trying to push themselves to excellence.”

Ayibe also recounted his experience with Flavor Flav. He mentioned that Flava Flav disclosed his first trip to Ghana in 1997 and his enstoolment as a chief in Aburi.

“Everyone of us out there wasn’t talking about ourselves. We were talking about the country and how people should visit. And so there’s nothing ahohyehyɛ about it. Any hater is actually pained,” Ayibe Edem concluded.


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