It’s been a great learning experience – Isaac Dogboe on working with Barry Hunter

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Former WBO Super Bantamweight champion Isaac Dogboe is happy to be working with Barry Hunter, claiming it has been a great learning experience since the legendary trainer joined the team.

Dogboe has been working with Hunter since 2020, and he has seen an improvement in his career. The 27-year-old is on track to becoming a world champion for the second time.

Dogboe recently defeated American Joet Gonzalez on a split decision to become the top contender for Rey Vargas’ 126-pound title.

“It’s been a great learning experience [training with Barry Hunter],” Dogboe said on TV3 New Day on Friday, August 5.

“They came on board not to change anything, but to add to the knowledge that I had prior, and I believe that one never stops learning. The most important thing is always evolving through education. That’s exactly what they’re impacting to me.”

“I have had to come to a point where I know that I’m not going to always knock people out. I have to understand the sweet science of the sport, that Isaac, every point that you throw doesn’t have to be hard.

You have to box, you have to bait your man in… is about trying to outsmart your opponent, trying to make him feel like you’re the inferior and he’s superior. Then you use his own strengths against him. Is a mind game. That’s what boxing is for me right now.”

Dogboe was greeted warmly upon his return to Ghana this week after defeating Gonzalez.


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