It is my wish that one day Black Sherif with his powerful voice will join me to sing gospel music – Piesie Esther


Ghanaian artist Piesie Esther has expressed her desire for Artiste of the Year, Black Sherif to join the gospel community, citing his vocal prowess as a valuable asset for evangelism.

In an interview on Joy FM on Monday, May 8, 2023, spoke about her admiration for the 21-year-old musician and acknowledged his hard work in the past year.

Despite missing out on the Artiste of the Year award to Blacko at the 2023 , she remained open-minded about the winner.

“He has that kind of powerful voice. I his voice. It is my wish that someday he will come and join me in the gospel,” Piesie Esther said of , who is a Muslim.

Piesie Esther, who won the VGMA Gospel Artiste of the Year award, beat other renowned gospel artists, including , Perez Muzik, , Celestine Donkor, and MOG Music.

She believes that Black Sherif's talent would enhance the gospel music industry and that he could use his voice to spread the word of God.

The gospel artist's comments highlight the potential of collaboration between artists from different genres and religions, and the of music to transcend boundaries.

While Black Sherif's music is not traditionally associated with the gospel, his voice and talent could serve as a unifying force in the music industry.

However, it remains to be seen whether Black Sherif will heed Piesie Esther's call and join the gospel music community.


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